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Joe Linoff
$Date: 2004/09/30 16:09:24 $
$Revision: 1.35 $

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Total 183

Entry Summary
Id Title Status
0001 The -rootfile switch parses relative names improperly. FIXED
0002 The ccdoc_top tage is incorrectly placed in the HEAD section. FIXED
0003 Need a new switch, similar to -head, that inserts a file after the head tag to insert custom META elements. FIXED
0004 HTTP server problem with uncommon extensions like .exe_gz and .taz. FIXED
0005 Log output is not flushed properly on solaris platforms. FIXED
0006 Tests weren't working properly. FIXED
0007 WARNING: File '*.h' cannot be read so it will be ignored. FIXED
0008 Turn off the ccdoc generation of special members. FIXED
0009 Compile problem in gcc 3.0 on SuSE linux platform. FIXED
0010 Random character appears between package name and function/macro/etc. name in the HTML title. FIXED
0011 Instantiations of class template methods are reported as global functions. CLOSED
0012 Ccdoc should ignore template method instantiations. FIXED
0013 Add ccdoc to source forge. FIXED
0014 The typedef id for function pointer doesn't get extracted properly by ccdoc. FIXED
0015 Methods with throw clauses surrounded by parentheses don't get extracted properly by ccdoc. FIXED
0016 Source file names of the form ../folder/file.ext don't work properly in the cmd.exe shell under windows. FIXED
0017 Can't differentiate between different revisions of ccdoc 0.8. FIXED
0018 Directory separators in -root names cause run time errors. FIXED
0019 The @see directive no longer accepts user defined links. FIXED
0020 ccdoc crashes FIXED
0021 Report the version/revision information in the default trailer. FIXED
0022 Centralize the version/revision information. FIXED
0023 DOC++ vs ccdoc CLOSED
0024 Missing comma separator in @see output for the alternative URL form. FIXED
0025 Undocumented 0.7a feature for explicitly specifying @pkgdoc URLs is no longer supported. FIXED
0026 Provide an expanded package contents view. FIXED
0027 Provide a way to turn off package source. FIXED
0028 Provide a way to turn off the default author on the package page. FIXED
0029 Provide a way to turn off the default version on the package page. FIXED
0030 Provide a way to turn off default description comments on the page. FIXED
0031 Provide a way to change the "package" string in the title on package pages. FIXED
0032 Users guide and on-help report than -norptpub is the default. FIXED
0033 This construct is incorrectly recognized as a struct: void foo(struct bar* spam). FIXED
0034 For -rpthpc only show packages. FIXED
0035 ccdoc 0.7a to 08 quick reference FIXED
0036 Comments get lost. FIXED
0037 Change the asterisk column header to "Inherited From". FIXED
0038 Change the Path column header to "Entity". FIXED
0039 Performance problem in phase3. FIXED
0040 Protected inherited methods reported. FIXED
0041 Improve 0039 performance enhancement. FIXED
0042 ccdoc bug notification - not correctly determining variable name FIXED
0043 Old hash mark syntax for @see does not work. FIXED
0044 The summary report could use a little more indenting. FIXED
0045 The variable width font in the Code: section is not as readable as the fixed width font used in 0.7a. FIXED
0046 The @see index doesn't seem to work. FIXED
0047 The indenting on the contents page should be the same as the summary report. FIXED
0048 Derived classes in namespaces are not recognized correctly. FIXED
0049 Non-template class method instantiation not recognized correctly. FIXED
0050 Ccdoc fails to parse methods with fct args properly. FIXED
0051 External class method implementations with default arguments are not correctly recognized. FIXED
0052 Backslash character definition ('\\') confuses the ccdoc scanner. FIXED
0053 No line numbers for internal comment parsing warnings. FIXED
0054 Serious problem with typedef of struct FIXED
0055 ccdoc generates default special members for C style structs CLOSED
0056 Incorrect line numbers reported in warning messages. FIXED
0057 "Undocumented" as default short desc. in tables is confusing. CLOSED
0058 Provide a way to turn off the default author and version for packages. CLOSED
0059 Validate ccdoc generated HTML. FIXED
0060 Group entries by type. OPEN
0061 Typedef struct statement does not include struct comments. OPEN
0062 Long entry name deforms HTML table. OPEN
0063 Allow user defined defaults for author, short description and version. FIXED
0064 Friend classes in namespaces are not recognized correctly. FIXED
0065 Links from documentation in namespaces are not recognized correctly. CLOSED
0066 The <sstream> header is not needed in FIXED
0067 Ccdoc does not correctly reset the access specifiers for methods in base classes that are derived as protected or private. OPEN
0068 Core dump on solaris in the index phase. FIXED
0069 Cannot handle construct: "Float operator/(const Float & rval)" FIXED
0070 Users guide documentation error. FIXED
0071 Operator keyword duplicated for method operators. FIXED
0072 New switch to turn off sorting of class entities. FIXED
0073 Can't tell ccdoc to ignore a privately declared default constructor. FIXED
0074 Ccdoc cannot handle international character sets. FIXED
0075 Ccdoc cannot handle function typedef of the form: typedef void fct(int arg1); FIXED
0076 Conflict between -meta switch and ccdoc defined meta variables. FIXED
0077 Ccdoc incorrectly identifies a class attribute name. FIXED
0078 Ccdoc incorrectly identifies a variable as a function. FIXED
0079 cannot handle embedded parentheses. FIXED
0080 Trim trailing spaces in path name for get_stmt_no_pkgs(). FIXED
0081 Multi-space blank lines between SHORT and LONG descriptions cause them to merge. CLOSED
0082 Add the @since directive per the javadoc 1.2 specification. FIXED
0083 Modify ccdoc to create a separate links page (as was done in v0.7a). FIXED
0084 Alias @exception to @throws per javadoc 1.2. FIXED
0085 Ccdoc not recognize default constructors with member initialization. FIXED
0086 Comment form to handle single line suffix comments. FIXED
0087 Exceptions were not reported as links. FIXED
0088 An extra invalid link reported for @link references to classes. FIXED
0089 Ccdoc short description syntax is not compliant with javadoc. FIXED
0090 Support the {@link ...} javadoc syntax. FIXED
0091 Constant values are not hyperlinked in the documentation for function arguments. FIXED
0092 The @link syntax does not support the # scoping operator. FIXED
0093 Add javadoc style doc comment inheritance. OPEN
0094 Comment reuse for overloaded functions. OPEN
0095 Comma's inserted for each line in @returns and @deprecated comments. FIXED
0096 Provide an @repeat operator to avoid having to re-type comments. OPEN
0097 Private method is reported incorrectly for overloaded methods with different scopes. FIXED
0098 It would be a help if you made the reference red if the class cannot be found for @link. FIXED
0099 Ccdoc does not correctly follow the standard for default constructors. FIXED
0100 If using switch -files with a wildcard expression the first file is not processed. CLOSED
0101 Template problem. FIXED
0102 Returned nested classes and types in namespaces are not recognized correctly. FIXED
0103 Invalid processing of operator~(). FIXED
0104 Invalid processing of operator&(). FIXED
0105 The javadoc @see tag defines the label part as optional. OPEN
0106 The javadoc spec for @see allows unqualified names as well as qualified names. OPEN
0107 javadoc # syntax is not supported in the {@link...} directive. FIXED
0108 -rptdefasd, -rptdefsd and -rptdefv problems and suggestions OPEN
0109 Print warnings to stderr. FIXED
0110 Invalid processing of operator[]. FIXED
0111 Multiple link file overflow problem. FIXED
0112 Phase 3 exception for operator|. FIXED
0113 Merge separate ccdoc databases. OPEN
0114 Error processing of a operator unsigned long(). FIXED
0115 Mangled links for .\doc\ references on the command line. FIXED
0116 The string constant "\\" isn't parsed correctly. FIXED
0117 Class method reported as global function. FIXED
0118 Resolve partially scoped references. FIXED
0119 Inconsistent command line syntax for -html paths under DOS. OPEN
0120 Add support for the proposed todo tag in javadoc. FIXED
0121 Reuse namespace comments between packages. OPEN
0122 Enhance template reporting. FIXED
0123 {@link ...} not reported correctly in the @deprecated directive FIXED
0124 Scanner condition evaluates to a constant value. FIXED
0125 Hash mark displayed for default {@link...} reference. FIXED
0126 CcDoc does not recognize ccdoc c++ short comment in a "typedef struct" definition. OPEN
0127 CcDoc does not recognize recognize template derivations. FIXED
0128 Order class entities the same way that were ordered in v07. OPEN
0129 All subdirectories are picked up on NT when the * wildcard is specified. FIXED
0130 Code section wraps in a strange way for small browser windows. FIXED
0131 Support comma separated declarations. OPEN
0132 support single-line prefix comments via //@+ OPEN
0133 Anonymous namespaces are not handled correctly. FIXED
0134 Need a forward link to the contents section for classes and packages. FIXED
0135 Fix the copyright notice in the code. FIXED
0136 Ccdoc gets confused by a nested struct. FIXED
0137 The {@link} directive does not work @param clauses. OPEN
0138 The @see and {@link} directives do not correctly reference entities in different packages. FIXED
0139 Core dump when an invalid package name of the form "A::B:" appears. FIXED
0140 Core dump when a friend declaration of the form: foo&operator<< appears. FIXED
0141 Architecture is not reflected in the bin directory name. FIXED
0142 No man page for linux ports. FIXED
0143 Support javadocs frames format. OPEN
0144 Mark static members and methods in the class overview. FIXED
0145 It is impossible to reference an operator in the @see and {@link..} directives. FIXED
0146 Namespace processing doesn't work properly in certain cases. FIXED
0147 Lots of compiler warnings when building ccdoc using the Borland C++ compiler. FIXED
0148 Allow users to customize ccdoc output using a CSS file. OPEN
0149 Template method implementations confuse ccdoc. FIXED
0150 Make it easier to update the revision number in the source files. FIXED
0151 Translate the generated html to other languages. OPEN
0152 Ignore duplicate macros names. FIXED
0153 Add a heuristic to ignore include guards and DLLIMPORT macros. FIXED
0154 Eliminate the requirement that the -rptmac and -rptmac1 switches appear in phase 1. FIXED
0155 Incorrect documentation when there is only one ccdoc namespace comment for namespace declarations in multiple files. FIXED
0156 More namespace problems in r35. FIXED
0157 In some cases operator code is being processed incorrectly. FIXED
0158 Class method implementations are reported as global functions. FIXED
0159 Very long names make the contents table very hard to read. FIXED
0160 Empty function names appear under certain conditions. FIXED
0161 Strange function names like "max)" appear sometimes. FIXED
0162 Doxygen compatibility - support single line comments using doxygen syntax. FIXED
0163 Doxygen compatibility - ignore the @endlink directive. FIXED
0164 Doxygen compatibility - ignore @file comment blocks. FIXED
0165 Doxygen compatibility - support virtual grouping of definitions. OPEN
0166 Variable values are not reported properly when braces occur in the value. FIXED
0167 In German we want to use embedded dots in the short description. OPEN
0168 Slow g++ 3.2 compile of because of the large help string. FIXED
0169 Man page has formatting problems. FIXED
0170 Bug on NT platforms parsing command line with spaces and wildcards. FIXED
0171 Constructors with constructed default arguments are reported with the wrong method name. FIXED
0172 Template friend declarations are not resolved properly when packages are used. FIXED
0173 The md5hash macro is being improperly ignored by the rptmac1 heuristic. FIXED
0174 Bug#195282: ccdoc: FTBFS with g++-3.3 FIXED
0175 Generate an index in HTML and XML. OPEN
0176 Enhance the table of contents for easier navigation with letter based links at the top. OPEN
0177 Invalid link from parameter variable name to member variable. OPEN
0178 Namespace/anonymous enum interaction bug. OPEN
0179 Add a new @entity directive to allow referencing. OPEN
0180 Limit the length of generated file names. OPEN
0181 Copy constructor documented incorrectly under some conditions. OPEN
0182 Add directory tree/outline expansion (+/-) capabilities to better organize the information. OPEN
0183 Ccdoc started failing with a segment violation in phase 3 when processing a large system (thousands of classes) after a small change to one of the header files. FIXED

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